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About JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd

JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of REK CO., LTD in Japan and registered as a BOI company in Sri Lanka. JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd will be manufacturing Solar Panels, assembling inverters and LED lighting in Sri Lanka to cater to the domestic and export market under the brand of “SAKURA SOLAR”. The company provides one stop renewable energy solutions for the development of renewable energy systems ,efficient use of energy and improves productivity through it. All over the world would benefit from our success in the field of renewable energy. The specialty of JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd is providing solutions for efficient use of natural energy and lighting in domestic and industrial systems .

JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd has grown into an international association partner companies for the first time in Asia. Our team of highly professional and qualified Japanese technical staff is fully geared to undertake and complete the projects. we perform with fullest dedication showing real professionalism from commencement to completion.


our vision is to accelerate the adaption of innovative cutting edge Japanese solar technology globally to consume the environment friendly, sustainable, conflict free power supply.


our mission is to lead the global transition to sustainable energy.


  • Japanese owned company being the pioneers of solar panel manufacturer in Sri Lanka
  • Production will be done under the supervision of the Japanese technicians in Sri Lanka
  • Maintenance and after sales service will be 24 x 7 under the inspection of the highly qualified staff
  • 35 years perfomance warranty for solar panels
  • World best solar wafers are using to manufacture high efficient Sakura solar panels

Corporate Information

Company Name : J S F Corporation ( Pvt) Ltd
Head office in Sri Lanka : No. 20, Shrubbery Garden Road, Colombo 04, Sri Lanka
Head office in Japan : 3F, 3-6-5 Minamisenba, Chouku, Osaka, Japan
Manufacturing plant : JSF Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. Katunayake Export and Processing Zone, Lot
25B, phase 1, Katunayake Telephone numbers as per the visiting card

List of Directors

Mr. Hirokazu Murata - Chairman
Mr. Yoshinori Kagomoto - Director
Mr. Yasuaki Horiuchi - Director
Mr. Masaaki Shibata - Director
Mr. Masahiro Sunahata - Director
Mr. J.L.A.P. Liyanage - Director
Mr. Shintaro Fukuzono - Director