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Battery / Product List

  • Aspen 48S-2.2 Battery

    Aquion Energy’s Aspen 48S battery is designed to be a safe and clean alternative to Lithium-Ion and traditional lead-acid batteries. Aquion Energy's line of Aspen batteries contain no heavy metals or toxic chemicals and are non-flammable, non-explosive, and non-corrosive, making them the safest batteries in the world. The modular design of Aquion's Aspen batteries allows them to be stacked together for larger systems. Due to the size and charge/discharge characteristics most off-grid and battery backup systems will require a bank consisting of several Aspen batteries in order to achieve the appropriate capacity. Standard PV combiner boxes and PV wire with Amphenol connectors are used for combining a bank of Aspen batteries.

  • Aspen 48M-25.9 Battery

    The Aspen 48M-25.9 battery stack is a 25.9 kWh system at 48 Volts DC nominal. This gives you approximately a 507.6 Ah rating using a 20 hour discharge rate. It's a pre-assembled battery bank made of twelve Aspen 48S-2.2 batteries. As with most other deep cycle batteries, the M-Line module can be connected in parallel with additional units for increased Amp-hour capacity. They are well suited for both solar and wind power energy storage and designed for stationary long-term daily deep cycling applications.