Turn-key renewable energy solutions provider in Sri Lanka!

Power your Organization with the world's fastest-growing renewable energy solution. considered as Sri Lanka’s leading solar panel manufacturer and supplier, Sakura Solar is renowned for its premium quality solar panels and products built with Japanese expertise. Supplying comprehensive solar products for residences, corporates, and industries, our products and solutions meet the stringent quality standards of Japan. Our friendly and qualified Japanese & Sri Lankan engineers and technical staff are committed to providing you with the best solutions and services.

We are in the mission of creating a green and better country for all!

Did you know that fossil fuels are the primary contributors to carbon pollution and global warming? Hence, moving to alternative renewable energy methods can reduce environmental effects. As a sustainable company passionate about protecting the environment, we are harnessing turn-key renewable energy solutions that reduce overall carbon emissions and save the climate. With this, we intend to create a greener Sri Lanka for today and the years to come.

Cut-down your electricity bill by moving to green energy!

Why depend on the national grid while you can have independence over how and when your energy is used? Generate your own power from the sun. Having solar panels installed on your roof not only allows you to become off the grid but also give long-term guaranteed benefits. Lowering your home's impact on the environment, transparent energy bills, energy independence and low-cost electricity bills are some of the advantages offered through our solar power systems

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Our Principals

Japanese Technology

Backed by Japanese technology, Sakura Solar is the sole manufacturer and supplier of solar panels in Sri Lanka.

Eco Consultancy

We care about the environment. Thus, we are promoting the use of green energy to make this world a little greener.

Renewable Energy

A renewable path that helps minimize your carbon footprints, electricity bills and gain energy independence.

Welcome to Sakura Solar

About Company

JSF Holdings (Pvt) Ltd is providing Japanese Quality Solutions for efficient use of renewable energy for residential, commercial, industrial and ground mounted solar systems for the local market. Our team of highly professional and qualified Japanese & Sri Lankan Engineers and technical staff  are fully geared to undertake and complete the valuable  solar projects by maintaining the Japanese quality and  higher standards to satisfy & match the customer  requirements. We perform with fullest dedication   showing real professionalism from commencement to completion.

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Satisfied Clients
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Successfully Installed kW Projects

Our happy clients across various industries

We have completed more than 15MW solar panel installation.

Our Vision

To be the most desired Renewable Energy Provider in South Asian Region with Japanese Expertise.

Why Sakura Solar

Switch to green energy with Sakura Solar’s renewable energy solutions. We are the one-stop-shop for the highest quality Japanese standard solar panels and products. Be it commercial or residential solutions, we have vast experience in designing, manufacturing, planning, and commissioning of various projects.

Japanese owned company being the pioneers of solar panel manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

Production will be done under the supervision of the Japanese Engineers in Sri Lanka.

Maintenance and after sales service will be 24 x 7 under the inspection of the highly qualified staff.

25 years performance warranty for solar panels.

World best solar wafers are using to manufacture highly efficient Sakura Solar panels.

Japanese owned company being the pioneers of solar panel manufacturing in Sri Lanka.

Our Categories

Get the most comprehensive and tested range of solar products including Poly Solar Panels, Half Cell Solar Panels and Mono Solar Panels. We are always happy to advise and help you select the right product for your home or business.


Sakura Solar SK-72P 320W Polycrystalline modules are designed according to Japanese standards to ensure high performance and deliver up to

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01 Sun Light

Solar panels are arranged together and placed on rooftops or in large outdoor spaces. Solar cells also called photovoltaic cells, absorb sunlight and store during the daytime.

02 solar panels

Each solar cell has two layers of solar wafer layers that consist of positive and negative charging modes to create an electric field. It stimulates semiconductor wafer and produces DC electricity.

03 electric power

The DC electricity generated will be transformed into AC electricity with the help of an inverter. Once this process is completed, it passes through the electrical panel and is distributed within your house.

Progressive Diversion Of Solar Energy

Progressive Diversion Of Solar Energy

The Government expects to obtain 100% of the sources of electricity required to generate electricity for our country from renewable sources by the year 2050. Electricity consumers have also been successfully involved in the ‘Solar Power Symposium’, a program to promote the construction of small rooftop solar power plants on the roofs of their homes, involving them as power generators. Under this, it is expected to convert one million electricity consumers into electricity generators. This will allow them to be completely free of electricity bills and generate income for the surplus electricity generated. Any electricity consumer in the island can make the necessary investment to turn their roof into a solar power plant.

Service We Provide

Quality is our priority – Our solar panels are always produced with advanced PERC technology to meet Japanese manufacturing regulations.

What Our Client Says